Training Videos

At Carroll Technologies Group we live on the cutting edge of safety technologies for managing your mining operations. Check out the training information available from two of our top experts on underground communications and atmospheric monitoring—Kraig Kiger our top application specialist and Phil Bannister, Delta's VP of Operations.

Kraig Kiger, Application Specialist for Delta Electric explains some of the Communications/Tracking and Leaky Feeder Systems available from Delta Electric using RFID and other technologies.

Kraig Kiger continues his discussion of the various features of tracking systems available from Delta Electric focusing on miner tracking and location as well as the reporting capabilities of the Matrix Design System for Miner and Equipment Tracking.

Phil Bannister, Delta Electric VP reviews the Leaky Feeder MSHA-Approved system for comprehensive underground communications which has proven invaluable for both miner tracking as well as efficient operational management of mining processes.

Phil Bannister wraps up his discussion of Leaky Feeder communications with a review of safety features. Then he continues with a highly informative review of Pyott-Boone’s Atmospheric Monitoring System available from Delta Electric.