Green Solutions

Carroll Technologies Group continues its pioneering tradition in the mining services industry by focusing on the challenges of coal mine methane (CMM). Today we are building out solutions with business partners to help mining companies develop strategies to capture and process methane gases. Having a strategy for carbon mitigation helps the mines position themselves for future regulatory initiatives and enables them to become a player in the emerging carbon offsets markets.

Carroll Technologies Group has grown over 30 years through its understanding and vision of the coal mining industry.  Our Green Energy business unit is just another example of how Carroll Technologies stays one step ahead of the competition.

Working with partners, here are a few examples of how Carroll Technologies Group is leveraging its extensive engineering expertise, customer access and technical grasp of ventilation and emission control technologies to realize new solutions for its customers:

  • Identification of coal mine methane emission sources
  • Quantification of methane released into the atmosphere
  • Screening and selection of technical products aimed at mitigating coal mine methane
  • Implementation and support services for methane capture and destruction

Contact Us now for more information on how Carroll Technologies Group’s Green Energy business unit can help you position your company for future compliance challenges and become a leader in mitigating the effects of coal mine methane.