Safety Equipment

Mining operations run on the credo of "safety first." That's why Carroll Technologies Group offers the most comprehensive set of safety products available to mining companies across North America.  And that's another reason why over 800 mines in North America trust Carroll Technologies Group for their mine safety product and services needs.

Carroll Technologies Group always offers the right products at the right time, and all of them are backed by MinerCare 24/7 support. Our safety products include the best available from leading product companies in mine safety such as Ocenco, Mine Safety Appliances (MSA), Davis Inotek Instruments and Task Force Tips.

Ocenco's Self Rescuer products featured by Carroll Technologies Group use pure oxygen unlike chemical based solutions from other vendors. This unique capability allows for extended life, a critical feature needed for mine safety. 

Since these units can be repaired and refurbished while chemical-based solutions cannot, you'll get a long 15 year useful life. These products are not only trusted by mines, they are also used extensively in demanding military environments so you know that they are the best of the best.

The EBA 6.5 SCSR (Self Contained Self Rescuer) provides 1 hour of pure oxygen while the compact M-20 SCSR yields 20 minutes of pure oxygen. Both are MSHA approved.

From Mine Safety Appliances (MSA) we feature a full line of safety products, including Solaris Gas Detection units (Spotters), Galaxy Calibration units for Solaris & Altair spotters, Elf Dust Pumps and Fall Protection Equipment.
Our comprehensive selection of top quality mine safety products include:

  • Self-Contained Self-Rescuers (SCSR)
  • Underground Refuge Chambers
  • Multi-Gas Detection Instruments
  • Ventilation & Air Quality Testing
  • Firefighting Equipment and Foam Packs
  • Anemometers and Temperature Controls
  • Testing & Calibration Equipment

Check out our complete list of product partners and you'll see for yourself that we have the best products from the best companies. 

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