Miner & Equipment Tracking

The coal mining business focuses on a key natural resource to fuel the industries that drive our economy. But the most important natural resources in the mining business are the miners themselves. Protecting them while they perform their hazardous work is a number one priority for every company in the business.

That’s why Carroll Technologies Group features a range of miner and equipment tracking systems in its large product portfolio. The products we sell and service are backed by the top names in the business—like Matrix Design Group and Pyott-Boone.

Our MSHA-approved solutions for miner safety include the Miner and Equipment Tracking System (METS) from Matrix Design Group, a top-selling MSHA approved system which provides tracking, text pager communications and atmospheric monitoring all over a single coax cable. For tracking purposes, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags attached to the helmets of miners transmit location information to readers situated strategically throughout the mine. Personnel in above ground control rooms can then pinpoint the location of any miner below ground. Whether shown precisely in maps or comprehensively in table format, our solutions for miner tracking give management a clear window into where their teams are working.

Our METS system also receives atmospheric monitoring data from Matrix IS Wireless Atmospheric Monitoring System (WAMS) sensors.

In a hazardous environment like a coal mine, every minute can make a difference. Why not make sure that you have time on your side by choosing one of our systems for miner and equipment tracking? You'll be making a choice that not only saves lives, but saves money too since this system does not require underground power or 'line of sight' placement of readers. These systems reduce your need for full-time dispatchers and provide greater reliability for equipment tracking. You’ll protect your people and your capital while lowering your operating costs.

Our solutions in this area meet 2009 Miner Act guidelines and have MSHA Part 23 Approval No. 23-A080013-0. We offer solutions that are cost-effective to purchase and maintain with features such as flexible spacing and wired mesh redundant infrastructure designed for post accident operation. Emergency reporting and custom reports capability give you everything you need for management and compliance reporting.

We also offer a full range of Communications products like Leaky Feeder Communications system from Becker/Varis and Pyott-Boone.

And every product we sell is backed by our industry leading MinerCare 24/7—because you work around the clock, so do we!

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