Mine Central Communications Center

The Central Communication Center gives mining companies an integrated command and control room that ties together voice and data communications, location tracking and atmospheric monitoring systems. The Central Communications Center architecture provides a fully redundant set of command posts capable of acting independently in the event of an emergency or catastrophe.

With our exclusive Mine Central Communications Center, mining companies promote a safer and more efficient work environment through a centralized command center that manages multiple mines from a single location. Mining companies not only realize better peace of mind from protecting their workers—they also realize cost savings by enabling greater operational control from fewer management staff. This also enables mining companies to efficiently and effectively comply with Federal regulations which require ful-time monitoring of all underground miners.

The Central Communication Center receives images, commands, and sounds from the individual control room command consoles so that management has the fingers on the pulse of the mine from the standpoint of communications, location, environmental factors and so on.

Our system provides locates miners precisely in real-time and reports on environmental factor supported by radio communications. If and emergency condition happens, the communications center staff can immediately notify safety personnel and coordinate a more effective response. Our system enables automatic dialing of wired or mobile phones for notification of an emergency.  Automatic communication to paging devices and to e-mail is also supported.  Also, communication among response teams is also enabled allowing effective emergency management. 

Only with the right information at hand can the operations staff effectively manage an emergency. In mining emergencies, minutes saved means lives can be saved too.

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