Products Overview

Carroll Technologies Group provides mining companies a one stop shop for all of their safety, communications, network design, motor, power and electrical needs. We stock over $7 million worth of spare parts from 70+ manufacturers at our 13 distribution centers across North America. And we’re committed to providing a full range of MSHA-approved Miner Act products.

You may know us by working with one of our operating units: Carroll Engineering Co. and Delta Electric. But the world of mining is coming to Carroll Technologies Group as the leading electronic services group in the USA.

Whatever your mining needs may be, we’ve got the right products backed by MinerCare 24/7 support. Need something right now? Contact Us by e-mail or call us at 1-877-9MINERS

Our miner and equipment tracking solutions include tracking and tagging systems which not only locate miners and save lives if disaster strikes but give you day-to-day value by increasing miner productivity and reducing overhead expenses.

Our communications solutions give mining companies seamless wireless radio communications which links people on the surface with those underground so that everyone’s in touch all the time—a critical need when seconds matter.

Our custom-built monitoring solutions provide mining companies the most advanced systems to detect dangerous build-ups of smoke and explosive gases.  

Our factory-authorized circuit-breaker products and repair program provide you with peace of mind, improve overall operating cost and totally eliminate "Third Party Repair" issues that are prevalent in the industry.

And Carroll Technologies Group also services mining companies with a full range of products related to safety, power, motor controls as well as a full range of electrical and electronics products.

And Carroll Technologies Group is expanding into Green Energy with solutions for coal mine methane mitigation solutions